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DIY Assistance is a non funded charity orientated local handyman support, If your in a position were you are unable to complete a DIY task in your own home and don't have the finances to pay the labour charges of a local company then Ask DIY Assistance if I can help!

As I'm only a individual with a full time job on a shift basis I don't have much spare time :-( however that doesn't mean I cant help if your local to Little Sutton and can afford the materials if required* then Click on Contact Us and send us a email.

*As DIS Assistance is a non funded organisation I may not have the parts or materials to complete the task required, we ask that you obtain the parts required or refund the receipt for the parts if acquired by DIY Assistance and pay towards the travel cost to collect the items if their not locally based**

**Travel costs, so I can help as many people as possible I cant travel more than 3miles locally with out help towards the fuel and vehicle wear and tear. A donation request of 50p extra mile travelled is appreciated, Again if your unable to afford this it doesn't mean I cant help It just means you may have to wait a little longer till I'm in/passing you area.


Here to help

DIY Assistance aim to make good and make safe damage and broken furniture.